My name is Irene Roura. I am a registered general nurse specialized in mental health, and  a newly qualified hypnotherapist (click here to see qualifications). I am Spanish, and fluent in English and Portuguese. I love being in nature, swimming in the ocean, playing music and singing, dancing and being with people. 



        In the last few years I have been working for the NHS, looking after people diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and other mental and physical disorders. During this time, I have been running guided mind and body relaxation sessions at the neuropsychiatric ward where I work, as well as mindfulness and 1:1 sessions. You can find some of the feedback from these here.


       I love to help people clarify and achieve their specific desired goals and live happy and fulfilled lives. I am empathic, compassionate and  highly skilled in cultivating meaningful interpersonal relationships.   

     I am passionate and very interested in how our minds (conscious and subconscious), emotions and behaviours relate and work.

      I am amazed by the subconscious mind, so unknown and, yet, so active and important… and I am astonished by how hypnotherapy can enable us to access this amazing part of our minds in order to make the desired changes, achieve our goals, bring harmony to our minds and bodies and heal ourselves

       I am very excited to share this passion with you and to guide you to rediscover the potential of your mind and body and to give you the tools you need to use your mind for your own benefit.


          As humans, we have so much potential to fulfill our goals if we have the necessary tools.

        Hypnotherapy and coaching can really help us design and live the lives we want to live – with connection, peace and joy.  


     Now, having achieved a wide academic and professional qualification and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, I am ready and delighted to start offering you individual sessions of hypnotherapy and/or coaching adapted to your needs. 

        The price of these sessions will be reduced for the first few months. If you are interested or if you would like to find out more information, get in touch and book your 10 minute consultation here. I offer some reduced cost sessions to those with financial difficulties. 

           Looking forward to meeting you soon. 

           With love, 



"I have participated in two relaxation sessions with Irene (...) I can confirm that Irene is exceptional in helping you access the subconscious mind. I was able to enter a fully relaxed state of mind and body - which I had previously not been able to do. This has been one of my favourite elements of my stay because stress is something that flares my FND instantly. I wish I was able to have these sessions frequently."

"Your sessions are fabulous, relaxing, stimulating and reflective. I enjoy taking part and they should be made more available."

"I really enjoyed these relaxation sessions with Irene, to feel that I am able to relax and just focus on Irene's voice, and be present in the moment. I feel very relaxed and at peace with myself after these sessions. I find them very calming. I gain a lot from having these sessions. I think it is a very positive thing for me and my mind."

"Irene is exceptional with being bright and encouraging positivity. She is excellent at relaxation work and I have personally found her therapies brilliant especially before I go to bed listening to her relaxation meditation which helps me every time as her voice is so calming. She is a natural with music (...)."

"I learned with Irene how to truly relax, how I can do this at home, how the subconscious works, positive thoughts and mantras. The relaxation sessions with Irene are my favourite here at the RBC, they really helped me feel more relaxed than ever before and helped me focus on my goals and self-healing. I feel more confident. The "attacks" I have, have now calmed down. Thank you."

"I learned with Irene how mindfulness can be used to relax my body and mind and that I can train myself to get into a relaxation state at any moment I choose. I was able to completely relax and understand meditation, being in the moment and being aware of self-care. I learned different ways to view myself, accept myself and be myself. I achieved high levels of mindfulness and positivity."