Design your thoughts, dance with your emotions and paint your life the way you want

Welcome. Welcome however you feel. Welcome however you are. 

Welldone for everything you have achieved so far. 

And this is what I offer:





Hypnosis, natural state of heightened awareness,

connection with the basement of your mind,

where everything is stored

there resides your core.


First step is relaxation,

focus on your breath, start going deep.

Similar to meditation,

selective corporal attention.


Such a powerful tool,

what you desire can become true.

Once you get to the limbo state,

give yourself suggestions

whatever you want to achieve

your subconscious will listen to it.

Changes would start,

even if the process you don’t understand.


This suggestions can be whatever you desire,

“I am in charge of my body and mind” or

“I find easy to just relax”

“I am calm and aware” or

“I manage myself when feeling upset”


Most people don’t know,

they think hypnosis aims to control,

that it can make you say, think, behave

in a way you don’t want.

We need to clarify, demystify this.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool,

it is free, it is within you,

something you can always and forever use.


While in trance you will feel quiet, peaceful, content,

profound love and also flow..

Resting inside yourself,

Realising it is quite a nice and safe place.


So.. let’s start the journey into our minds

once relaxed the trance is going to  start.

Now.. let your body go and let’s fly far.


Irene Roura Garcia