I would like to help you and this is what I offer:


During these sessions:

  • We will start by doing an assessment to get to know you better and identify specific goals
  • I will use relaxation techniques to guide you into a relaxed, safe and peaceful state of mind and body
  • You will feel deeply relaxed and safe, similar to that state of mind and body that you experience just before falling asleep
  • While you are in this relaxed state, I will use suggestion therapy and other techniques to invite positive changes to your subconscious and to program it in the way you want
  • We will share thoughts, reflections, etc. from the experience, if desired.
  • You will unlock the potential of your subconscious
  • I will show you how to do self-hypnosis so you can be self-sufficient in using your subconscious for your own benefit.
    • You will gradually discover the potential of your subconscious.


Starting price:

  • 1h – 1.5h – 65 pounds
  • Pack of 3 – 180 pounds


Directed to your needs and goals.

A space, a moment, just for you.  

A space for you to talk about whatever you want (day to day challenges, family and relationships issues, etc.)

A space for you to feel listened and valued

A space for you to find the support you need in moving towards your goals.  


During these sessions I will offer you

  • A safe space to fully express yourself as you feel and want, resting assured that you will be accepted and not judged
  • Support and guidance to identify your goals and to move towards them
  • A blend of mindfulness, CBT and NLP techniques for you to apply in your day to day life. 

The coaching I offer is often talking based, but sometimes can also involve other forms of expression like movement, visual art and music, as far as it feels right to you. 

Starting price:

  • 45min – 40 pounds 
  • Pack of 3 – 115 pounds
  • Pack of 5 –  180 pounds